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Latest Headlines

House v. Burwell ruling could wreak havoc on ACA marketplace

A lawsuit brought by the House of Representatives that challenges the financing of the Affordable Care Act's cost-sharing reductions could put 7 million Americans' subsidies in jeopardy and therefore risk destabilizing the entire ACA marketplace, according to a report from The Commonwealth Fund.  

BCBS study: Uptick in outpatient care cuts costs for payers, patients

A new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield reveals how much consumers and payers save when medical procedures shift from an inpatient to an outpatient setting.  

New Intermountain health plan looks to limit yearly rate increases

With its new insurance plan, Utah-based health system Intermountain Healthcare plans to limit the rising costs consumers face by holding yearly rate increases at set amounts--a move that if successful could lead other plans to follow suit, according to an article from the  New York Times.  

How to make a patient payment portal successful

Organizations that aim to boost patient collections should consider creating a consumer-friendly patient portal, according to the senior director of revenue cycle for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

ACA's Basic Health Program gains traction in some states

In New York and Minnesota, a combined 475,000 low-income individuals have signed up for health plans that are even more affordable than subsidized marketplace coverage through the Affordable Care Act's Basic Health Program. Yet it may not be likely for other states to adopt the same program, according to an article from  Kaiser Health News.

High deductibles do not turn consumers into savvy shoppers

​Imposing high deductibles on health plans does not, in fact, encourage individuals to shop around more for better healthcare prices, according to a new research letter from the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Bernie Sanders details plan for single-payer healthcare system

As he and fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spar over health policy, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has announced more details about his Medicare-for-all, single-payer plan.  

Healthcare costs high for many ACA marketplace customers

​Though the Affordable Care Act has greatly expanded access to health insurance, ACA marketplace customers still spend a considerable share of their incomes on healthcare expenses, according to a new analysis from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute.  

Moody's: Insurers' future on the ACA marketplaces uncertain

In a new report from Moody's Investors Service, the company examines what current trends may mean for health insurers and their future participation on the Affordable Care Act health exchanges.

The practical challenges of Medicare negotiating drug prices

​Despite presidential candidates promising to reduce the out-of-pocket costs of prescription drugs, a new article from  STAT  makes the case that the amount of power the government actually has to drive down drug prices on a large scale may not be significant.