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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth, Cigna share 5 ways payers can boost consumer engagement

Better member engagement helps payers cut healthcare costs, but knowing how to engage with members can be tricky.  At this week's  World Health Care Congress in the District of Columbia, three payer executives described some of the steps they have taken to improve benefit and service design in order to attract new customers and better serve existing customers.

Survey: Consumers don't trust insurers, employers as health source

Many wellness programs could be doomed to fail based on a recent survey finding that most consumers don't trust their insurers or employers as a source of health and wellness.

3 building blocks for medical homes

To build a successful patient-centered medical home, insurers must implement certain foundational factors, including strong leadership and staff commitment to the care model, adequate information technology, and effective patient engagement tools, reported Health IT Analytics.

3 ways an innovative medical clinic can benefit insurers

One medical clinic may single-handedly transform how primary care is delivered--and insurers could benefit by taking notice. In a post on LinkedIn, Elizabeth Bierbower, president of Humana's employer group segment, wrote about her experience while visiting Iora Health's Freelancers Clinic in Brooklyn, New York.

6 trends that took the spotlight at AHIP Institute 14

A lot of activity went on at this year's AHIP Institute in Seattle, and  FierceHealthPayer  editors were there to cover it all. After sitting in on sessions, interviewing experts, chatting with attendees and analyzing our experience, the  FierceHealthPayer  editors noticed several trends that took the spotlight during the annual conference--namely, that insurers should emulate the retail industry, become even more consumer focused and work to guarantee that information is integrated. Meanwhile, other topics of interest included care delivery, healthcare costs and value-based payments. Here's a summary of the six topics that took center stage at AHIP Institute.

Consumer-driven plans shift behaviors to cut costs

Members enrolled in consumer-driven health plans (CDHP) have a greater feeling of ownership over their healthcare and shift their health-related behaviors, which leads to lower costs, according to a new study from Cigna.

Vermont Blues educating consumers about exchange

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont is taking steps to ensure consumers are knowledgeable of and educated about the reform law's health insurance exchanges.

UnitedHealth personalizes insurance with retail stores

As insurers continue embracing the idea of retail stores, UnitedHealth Group is hoping to utilize the new trend to personalize insurance, enhance customer service and improve member relations.

Aetna buys popular mobile app iTriage maker for ACO

Aetna has acquired Healthagen, the company that developed mobile app iTriage, which provides information about medical issues and finds nearby providers or health facilities. "We're going to begin to