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Latest Headlines

More employers offering high-deductible plans

Payers may want to start bulking up their product lines to include more high-deductible health plans which, according to a new survey, are quickly becoming more popular among employers.

Premiums increase, but at slower rate

Health insurance premiums rose 4 percent this year--less than half of the 9 percent increase last year--continuing the recent trend of moderated health costs and spending, says a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released Tuesday.

Very sick patients most likely to act on cost data

Despite the appeal of patient access to price-comparison data, experts predict that real patient use of this information will continue at a slow pace.

High-deductible plans leave Californians feeling physically, fiscally ill

Roughly three million commercially insured California residents continue to put their physical and financial health in jeopardy by choosing high-deductible health coverage, oftentimes due to their

Consumer-driven health plan enrollment grows slower than in past

Consumer-driven health plans continue to grow--although enrollment is slower than in previous years. CDHPs grew at a rate of 18.1 percent this past year (about half that of 2009), but no longer cover

WellPoint pushes stock prices up, but not profits, by raising premiums

Five months ago, Angela Braly, the CEO of health plan giant WellPoint, told investors that the plan could turn around falling profits by raising premiums and squeezing providers harder on fees. (OK,