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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

State-based exchanges achieve high levels of re-enrollment

Six states successfully re-enrolled large numbers of residents during the second year of open enrollment on the health insurance exchanges.

3 ways to improve consumer experience on health insurance exchanges

Payers marketing on health insurance exchanges should focus on helping members purchase the right coverage--not only for their healthcare needs but also for their financial circumstances. And marketplace officials and policymakers are well-positioned to help them weigh their options on both counts, according to a new report.

State health insurance exchanges face financial uncertainty

The second year of open enrollment through health insurance exchanges has been mostly positive, but the states that run their own exchanges still face a financial test, the Associated Press reported.

Former HHS official calls for smarter narrow networks

Narrow insurance networks have come under fire for offering a limited list of participating physicians and facilities--but one former White House official says they can, in fact, work.

Polls: Marketplace customers happy, 55% of uninsured to sign up

Americans who bought their 2014 health insurance through the federal or state marketplaces tend to be happy with it, according to a Gallup poll.

Hospitals stand to lose $167B in non-Medicaid expansion states

Hospitals in the 24 states that didn't expand Medicaid will lose $167.8 billion in additional funding to offset cuts to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement under healthcare reform, an analysis...

What's next for healthcare marketplaces in U.S. territories?

The future of healthcare marketplaces in U.S. territories remains murky after the Department of Health and Human Services granted them exemptions last month to key provisions of the Affordable Care Act,  California Healthline   reported.

More insurers want in on health exchanges

Insurers across the United States are jumping on the exchange train--at least 27 new insurers will offer plans on the marketplaces in 2015, reports The Hill.

CMS proposes financial, consumer protections for insurance exchanges

Will open enrollment quickly approaching, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Friday released a proposed rule to ease the operation of health insurance exchanges and give states more flexibility.