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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth offers $60K for chronic care technologies

UnitedHealth has launched a new contest that seeks ideas on how technologies can help improve treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Insurers vying for $300B dual-eligible market

Health insurers are acquiring managed care companies in hopes of tapping into the $300 billion dual-eligible market, which is made up of certain Medicare and Medicaid enrollees who are eligible for

UnitedHealth jumps into Medicare market, buying XLHealth

In the most recent attempt of an insurer trying to gain a foothold in the burgeoning senior healthcare market, UnitedHealth announced it is acquiring XLHealth Corp, a privately-owned sponsor of

Medicaid offers insurers $40B of new opportunities

Medicaid is becoming a growth area for health insurers, which are now preparing to capitalize on $40 billion of new opportunities to run privately-managed Medicaid plans for states. In 2014, the