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Latest Headlines

How payers, drug companies can partner to further value-based payments

While they sometimes have opposing interests, payers and drug companies can work together so that patients have better access to new, innovative medications, according to a  Health Affairs Blog  post.

Clinton unveils plan to cap monthly costs for Rx drugs

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton introduced a policy plan Tuesday that addresses the cost of prescription drugs and builds on the Affordable Care Act.

Why payers must focus on paying for value for Rx drugs

In order to curb the rising costs of prescription drugs, it's imperative to transition the payment system to charge for value as opposed to volume, according to a recent  report from the Center for American Progress.

Americans have conflicting thoughts on drug prices

Americans have deeply conflicted views about the pharmaceutical sector, grateful that the prescription medications help improve their health, but generally skeptical as to the reasons behind their cost increases, according to a new tracking poll by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Patient advocates, drug companies hope to block insurers from lowering drug costs

Patient advocate groups, supported by drug companies, are hoping to put a damper on insurers' efforts to lower rising drug costs, reported  Bloomberg. A campaign called Cap the Copay, which is financed by Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies, is pushing for state laws that require insurers cover most drug costs by limiting the amount they can charge members each month.

Medicare Part D fraud reporting and cost trends

Medicare Part D fraud and spending trends made news last week in a trio of articles focusing on whistleblowing targets and program cost containment.   

AHIP slams pharma for taking advantage of insurers

America's Health Insurance Plans has called out the drug industry for the soaring costs of new specialty medications, saying such expensive pricing is unsustainable and takes unfair advantage of health insurers

Obama's budget calls for $360B in healthcare spending cuts

President Obama's budget proposal involves some $360 billion in reductions to the Medicare and Medicaid budgets over the next decade, reported The Washington Post. The reductions include cuts in