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Latest Headlines

Health insurers, providers don't have to settle for 'frenemy' status

There's a curious dichotomy going on in the healthcare industry. On one hand, in recent hearings on Capitol Hill, healthcare providers and insurers acted like true adversaries, with the provider...

Funding, contract questions surround NJ's Medicaid ACOs

New Jersey has just embarked upon a grand experiment to improve the delivery of healthcare to Medicaid beneficiaries, one that will require significant collaboration between the state and health insurers, according to  NJ Spotlight.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, N.H. providers start new company

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has jointed three New Hampshire hospitals to create a new company that it promises will "take healthcare coordination to a new level." 

Insurers turn to nurses to power care coordination

​Health insurers have taken the trend of payer-provider collaboration a step further, adding more nurses to their ranks than ever before.  

Care coordination can help Medicaid stem costs of new enrollees

While a recent report indicated that newly eligible Medicaid enrollees may be more costly than anticipated to cover, a  Health Affairs  study points to one promising cost-reduction solution--care coordination.

Medicare growth strains healthcare system

As the Baby Boomer population enters its Medicare years, beneficiaries tend to be sicker than their predecessors. They also live longer. The combination will strain both beneficiaries themselves and the Medicare system at large.

Small wellness initiatives, big savings for North Carolina State Health Plan

Even the simplest of wellness initiatives can reap big savings for payers, the  North Carolina State Health Plan said at the Health Information and Management System Society's annual conference in Chicago.

3 ways Anthem plans to reinvent Medicaid

A pilot program underway in Memphis, Tennessee demonstrates how Anthem intends to reshape Medicaid as a care delivery model and not just an insurance program.

AHIP's Karen Ignagni stresses benefits of health plan-provider partnerships

Providers, health plans and consumers must work together for an affordable and sustainable healthcare system,  America's Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Karen Ignagni told attendees at the National Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health in the District of Columbia this week.

Expanded services central to CarePoint Health's plans

CarePoint Health's new CEO Dennis Kelly plans to further expand the business beyond its Hudson County, New Jersey roots while focusing on keeping patients healthy and better coordinating care.