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Latest Headlines

As Medicaid enrollment grows, participating doctors decreases

As Medicaid enrollment continues to rise--it now covers as many as 1 in 5 Americans--the number of primary care physicians accepting Medicaid is dropping. Just 34 percent of PCPs now accept Medicaid, which is a 9-point drop from two years ago.

Survey: Most primary care docs find medical imaging valuable

The use of medical imaging is beneficial to patient care, a majority of primary care physicians say.

Naturopathic doctors want insurers to cover their services

Naturopathic doctors, who emphasize a holistic approach to healthcare, are hoping that more insurers in California start covering their services, which they believe can help address the predicted shortage of primary care physicians, according to the California Health Report.

Notification system shows potential to improve care coordination

Clinical event notification (CEN) services are "a logical next step" to unlocking the potential of health information exchanges to improve care coordination, according to a study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 

Stress health IT's role in care innovation, not adoption

Rather than stressing adoption of health IT, the industry should be focused on how technology can be part of innovative new strategies to improve care, according to a  Health Affairs  blog post.

Payers: Emphasize primary care to lower costs

If insurers emphasize primary care to their members instead of specialty care, they can help lower healthcare costs, according to a panel of insurance experts speaking in Philadelphia.

New programs aim to cut costs by increasing primary care physicians pay

Despite their central role in maintaining patients' overall health, primary care physicians have traditionally been on the low end of the pay scale compared to specialists. But programs driven by the Affordable Care Act have offered doctors the opportunity to up to double their pay if they keep patients healthy,  MedCity News  reported. And according to participants, the trend reversal has resulted in more than enough savings to fund the physicians' extra income.

Greater primary care access could lead to mammo overuse

Increased access to primary care could lead to overuse of mammography by older women who have a limited life expectancy, new research suggests.

State-by-state look at narrow networks

To compete on premium price in the healthcare market, payers are turning to narrow provider networks. As this trend continues, many states are assessing their next moves to determine which actions will ensure access to care, reports AMA Wire.

WellPoint's primary care program gets warm reception from docs

Ever since WellPoint launched its unique and innovative patient-centered primary care program in January, the nation's second largest insurer says doctors already are providing positive...