Anthem Blue Cross data breach

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Latest Headlines

Anthem attack traced to sophisticated cyberespionage group 'Black Vine'

The breach that compromised personal information for roughly 80 million Anthem members earlier this year was likely the work of a cyberespionage group that software company Symantec is calling "Black Vine." 

Payers need sophisticated tools to fight off cyberattacks

Lisa Gallagher, vice president of technology solutions at HIMSS, told  FierceHealthPayer  in an interview that "we need to have clearer sources of actionable threat data so we can detect the threat and understand the motivation behind why people are coming after certain types of data." 

Insurance brokers proactive in fight against cyberattacks

In the wake of the Anthem security breach, insurance brokers have been working to answer questions from members, warning them about potential phishing attacks and emphasizing the need for data security.

8 best practices for payer data security

By now, you know the gory details: Hackers gained access to personal data for 80 million Anthem customers. You know the response, too: "Why wasn't the data encrypted? The data should have...