Alternative payment models

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

BCBS Illinois to share data with physicians

For the first time, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois will share the cost and quality of services to assist doctors with finding the best healthcare services for their patients.

How Maryland's all-payer system transforms traditional payment models

For the past 18 months, Maryland has been implementing an all-payer system that shifts away from the fee-for-service reimbursement model and instead focuses on capped payments and rewards to providers who deliver quality healthcare at lower costs.

How BCBS is transforming its payment model

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies understand that transforming the healthcare reimbursement system depends not just on cutting costs but, rather, reinventing how doctors and providers are paid.

Payers positioned to lead alternative payment model transformation

Earlier this year, the  Department of Health and Human Services announced it would fundamentally reform how it pays providers for treating Medicare patients.  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with three industry executives at two insurance companies to discuss payers' role to align with providers to meet this goal.