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mHealth Summit 2012: Remote monitoring invaluable for reducing readmissions

Remote monitoring for reducing readmissions was the focus of a panel discussion Tuesday morning at the mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. The panel included representatives from healthcare organizations who discussed how they are implementing such technologies to make measurable improvements in care and outcomes.

Think outside the box for healthcare M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise throughout the health insurance industry since the reform law was passed. And given that President Obama's recent re-election essentially cements the...

EHR costs, woes continue to plague practices

Physicians are leaving private practice and seeking employment in large part due to the government's electronic health record requirements and related costs, which increase the overall cost of running a practice, according to a new report published by Accenture.

One in three independent practices to rely on subscription fees

Only 39 percent of physicians in the United States practice independently in 2012, and that figure will likely drop to 36 percent by 2013.

Physician 'face time' is not optional, regardless of technology

In a new Accenture consumer survey, 90 percent of respondents said they wanted to have online access to their medical information . The results also show that most consumers would like to be able to...

Reform, in some way or another, is here to stay

Broad trends and discussions pre-date the reform law and will continue post-Supreme Court ruling, according to experts at AHIP Institute 2012.

Patients say they want tech tools to manage their health, but do they really?

Contrary to some previous research, the vast majority of patients in a new survey said they want to use technology to manage their own healthcare. But 85 percent also want in-person interactions with their doctors.

Can online care be more personal than in-person care?

In a guest post for Forbes, Kaveh Safavi, managing director Accenture's healthcare practice in North America, discusses the benefits of online care over an in-person experience. "Studies have shown

Survey: U.S. docs mixed on benefits of connected health

Doctors understand the basic benefits of connected health, including data-sharing via electronic health systems and health information exchanges, but don't quite grasp the finer points, according to

AT&T, Accenture team to enable medical image sharing via the cloud

AT&T and Accenture have partnered to offer a cloud-based image storage and exchange solution to hospitals. The solution will help radiologists and other healthcare professionals electronically