Why 2015 will be pivotal year for CHIP

Program funded through Sept. 30, but future remains uncertain

The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has made great strides, so much so that more than 40 percent of children are now insured through a government program. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) funds CHIP through the end of of the 2015 fiscal year, but the program's future after Sept. 30 remains uncertain. It has been suggested that letting CHIP expire may not necessarily be the end of the world, as most children insured through CHIP qualify for insurance through the ACA exchanges. However, the New York Times points out, several concerns remain. CHIP plans are typically more generous than ACA plans, with lower deductibles and co-pays. Shopping on ACA exchanges also leaves families at the mercy of narrow networks, which tend to offer limited pediatric coverage, as well as the "family glitch" that won't let parents get subsidized ACA coverage if they are eligible for insurance through an employer, even if the employee plan won't cover their children. Article