Innovation meets insurance: 5 more disruptive payers

By Dori Zweig

Disrupter: Cigna

Disrupting: Bundled payment

Details: Bundled payments as a form of reimbursement continue to gain traction. But because providers have different capabilities and risk tolerance, payers need to evolve operations and infrastructure in order to meet doctors where they are operationally, FierceHealthPayer previously reported.

To tackle the issue at hand,  Cigna experimented in Tennessee by developing payment models that reward value, Jim Humphrey, Cigna's operations director in Nashville, announced this past summer at the National Bundled Payment Summit in the District of Columbia.

Because cost and value are very important to bundled payments, Cigna focused on actionable reporting. The insurer gave information to physician practices that could lead to changes in practice patterns."As we implement different reimbursement structures, performance measurements need to evolve," Hubbell said.