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Latest Headlines

Hospitals must identify disruptive behavior, encourage etiquette-based medicine

As disruptive behavior among physicians increases, hospital leaders must encourage physicians to practice etiquette-based medicine, and promote a sense of empathy and compassion among staff.

How futile care hurts other ICU patients

Care that has no benefit for patients beyond prolonging their lives, also known as futile care, also diverts resources away from other patients who could otherwise survive or recover, according to a study published in Critical Care Medicine.

VA scandal: Full OIG report finds "unacceptable" lapses within Phoenix faciity

The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General yesterday released its full report on potential obstruction of justice within the Phoenix VA. The report found "unacceptable and troubling" negligence at the facility involving care coordination, follow-up, continuity of care and quality.

California nurses call on hospitals to follow CDC protocol after Ebola scare

California nurses called on federal, state and county health agencies to strictly follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for treating Ebola, after a Sacramento hospital admitted a patient suspected of being exposed to the virus,  FOX 40  reported. 

Patients lack full understanding of their care

Care quality and patient satisfaction do not necessarily correlate, according to a new study published in  JAMA Internal Medicine.

Malpractice settled through DA&O still reportable to National Practitioner Data Bank

Despite the benefits of "disclose, apology and offer" programs as a faster, less costly alternative to malpractice litigation, physicians in states with DA&O laws must still report payouts made on their behalf to the National Practitioner Data Bank,  Medscape Medical News  reported.

Engage consumers to improve price transparency

Because payers and providers typically negotiate prices for healthcare services, the cost of certain procedures vary greatly, with no apparent difference in quality. Maybe it's time to bring consumers into the mix, according to a recent  report from  Health Affairs.

VA to issue RFP for new scheduling system

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced this week plans to issue a Request for Proposal for the development of a new scheduling system. In June, VA CIO Stephen Warren told a Senate Homeland Security subcommittee that the agency would turn to the private sector to find replacement technology.

OIG report: No evidence care delays caused VA deaths

An Office of Inspector General investigation found no evidence that veteran deaths at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital were the direct result of care delays, according to the Associated Press.

Medical marijuana benefits: Lower death, overdose rates in states that legalize drug

States that have legalized the use of medical marijuana have lower opioid overdose mortality rates, according to new research in  JAMA Internal Medicine