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Latest Headlines

Only 5 states receive passing grade on price transparency

Only five states provide consumers with enough healthcare pricing information to make informed decisions, according to the third annual report from the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute and Catalyst for Payment Reform.

Supreme Court to decide on all-payer claims database challenge

King v. Burwell  isn't the only healthcare reform case the Supreme Court will rule on next month. At issue: Whether state laws requiring insurers to submit information to all-payer claims databases supercede federal laws.

The rise and fall of Vermont's single-payer healthcare system

When  Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed legislation in 2011 to create a single-payer healthcare system for his state, the concept looked promising.  However,  Shumlin pulled the plug on the system three years later after realizing the difficulty of financing the endeavor. There are two major reasons why the system failed.

Vermont BCBS, MVP Health owed millions thanks to technical glitch on state exchange

Vermont health insurers may be owed millions of dollars thanks to a technical glitch on the state's insurance exchange, Vermont Health Connect, which told two insurers to stop billing customers.

State exchanges still plagued by financial challenges

Around the country, states that opted to run their own insurance exchanges continue to face significant challenges. Funding problems in particular plague small states, which generate less from taxes that can be used to operate the exchanges.

Single-payer option dead in Vermont, still alive in other states

Although the single payer model failed to progress in Vermont, it doesn't mean that single payer is gone for good. Other states are still considering single-payer options--and they can learn from Vermont's experience to help their models succeed.

Vermont hospitals received $12 million in overpayments

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it overpaid hospitals in Vermont to defray the costs of a state-level provider tax, and has demanded more than $12 million in refunds, Vermont Public Radio reported.

VT hospitals eye "global budget" payment model

At least one Vermont hospital may transition to a drastically different payment system by the end of the year, according to VT Digger.

Report: Single-payer insurance would be boon for businesses

If the United States implemented a single-payer health insurance system, small and large businesses would reap the benefits, including seeing their costs go down, according to a new report from Public Citizen.

Single-payer experiment in MD could impact other states

Maryland leaders are experimenting with a single-payer system, a plan that could potentially influence other states. In the all-payer system, the state will control and budget hospital costs, giving all hospitals in Maryland an annual budget to manage their total fees for the year.