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Latest Headlines

Who and where are the uninsured consumers?

Almost 14 percent of the American adult population remains uninsured since open enrollment closed three months ago, according to the Health Reform Monitoring Survey from the Urban Institute. The survey parsed out various characteristics of the remaining uninsured, which can help insurers target their outreach and education efforts as they focus on the 2015 enrollment period.

Insured rate to drop sharply over next decade

We may have to wait until 2017 to truly determine whether the Affordable Care Act helps lower premiums and decrease the uninsured population, according to a new analysis from the Medical Industry Leadership Institute, which bucks previous predictions in finding that individual enrollment will decline over the next decade. 

Next reform challenge: Reducing uninsured rates

The first round of health insurance exchange enrollment is over, but the Obama administration and insurers have a new challenge on their plates: working to reduce the amount of uninsured and boosting support for the Affordable Care Act so the next enrollment period will bring in another surge of consumers

How to improve enrollment for 2015

Only one day after enrollment for the health insurance exchanges unofficially ended at midnight Monday, healthcare advocacy group Families USA outlined 10 ways to improve the exchange enrollment process next year.

Feds focus exchange outreach on largely uninsured areas

Millions of uninsured consumers have yet to sign up for a health insurance exchange, so the Obama administration is honing its enrollment campaign on certain areas where the uninsured population is prevalent.

Uninsured still uninformed, unprepared for individual mandate

Uninsured consumers, who will be most affected by the healthcare reform law, are still not informed or prepared for the law's individual mandate requiring them to obtain insurance by next year, according to a new survey from the Transamerica Center for Health Studies.

3 groups that fall through preventive care coverage cracks

Despite coverage expansion under healthcare reform, 30 million people will likely remain uninsured and miss out on preventive care services--such as cancer screenings, check-ups and contraceptives--that health plans are required to cover at no cost to the patient. As a result, several groups of individuals who need access to preventive services may fall through the cracks, Kaiser Health News reported.

A state-by-state look at uninsured rates under healthcare reform

With more than 25 million uninsured people eligible for health coverage assistance programs under the Affordable Care Act, a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) looked at how those numbers would play out across states.

Census: 3M people gained insurance last year

The uninsured population declined for a second year in a row, although it saw a slight decrease from 15.7 percent to 15.4 percent, according to the Census Bureau.

For payers, exchange success hinges on state promotion

Insurers' ability to sell policies to millions of new members through health insurance exchanges could hinge upon a factor outside of their control--states' recruitment of enough consumers to shop on and buy policies from the online marketplaces.