Substance Abuse

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Latest Headlines

Mass General to screen all patients for substance abuse

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston will undertake an unusual new process in order to save money: screening all patients for potential drug abuse, according to the Boston Globe. 

Healthcare reform may improve access to substance abuse treatment

Substance abuse treatment rates rose when states enacted parity legislation preventing payers from limiting substance abuse coverage more than they do for other conditions, according to a study published this month in JAMA Psychiatry.

Dependent young adults cost insurers extra $2M, research shows

The reform law's provision allowing young adults to remain on their parents' health plans until they're 26 years old is costing insurers as these new members use more medical services than their peers and incur high healthcare costs, new research shows.

Only 2% of insurers cover mandated essential health benefits

Very few insurers--only 2 percent--offer all the benefits they will be required to provide next year under the reform law, according to a new analysis from technology company HealthPocket.

HHS releases essential health benefits final rule

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released a final rule outlining the specific essential health benefits that insurers must cover regardless of whether they're selling plans through health insurance exchanges.

HCSC Exclusive: Intensive medical home cuts high-risk patient costs

Faced with the reality that only 10 percent of all patients drive at least 60 percent of all healthcare costs, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) and its Blues plans have taken action to lower...

BCBS requires pre-approval to curb painkiller abuse

In an effort to curb drug abuse, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has implemented a strict, new policy requiring its members to receive pre-approval to take certain pain medications. Under the