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Latest Headlines

Rate reviews drive down premium rate requests

Health insurers have been asking for and implementing lower premium increases since the reform law's governmental rate review provision took effect, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Time for California to start a rate hike revolution

It just doesn't stop--insurers continue to increase premium costs at alarming rates (pun definitely intended) and there's not much state or federal officials can do to stop it. The most...

Anthem proposes 18% rate hike to offset expected losses next year

Anthem Blue Cross has proposed an 18 percent rate hike on more than 630,000 individual members in California as the battle regarding state officials' regulatory authority to approve such increases heats up.

Excellus defends proposed rate hikes despite big cash reserves

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield has come under fire for proposing rate hikes, which could increase as much as 20 percent for some plans, even though it has enough funds in its reserves to cover claims.

Anthem, Blue Shield, Aetna reduce rates for small groups

Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield Life and Health and Aetna all have agreed to reduce their rate increases for small group policies that went into effect this month.

Assurant Health refunds $2.75M for unapproved rate increases

Three of Assurant Health's subsidiary insurance companies must refund certain customers for $2.75 million in premiums that weren't approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Aetna ignores regulator to implement 8% rate hike

The California insurance commissioner ruled that Aetna Life Insurance's 8 percent premium rate increase was "unreasonable" but was unable to prevent the insurer from implementing the...

Health insurance exchange final rule: Insurers must justify rates

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is giving states "substantial flexibility" to operate health insurance exchanges (HIX), including certifying and comparing qualified health plans,

Court: Insurers' profits irrelevant in rate hike approvals

In a case with potential national implications, Maine's highest court unanimously ruled that state regulators were justified to deny Anthem Health Plans of Maine's proposed rate hike for individual

HHS rate review unfairly targets small insurers

Small health insurance companies are worried that the federal government's increased scrutiny over premium increases could run them out of business, reported the Chicago Tribune . The Department of