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Latest Headlines

Readmissions drop when pharmacists visit patients' homes

Imagine this: During an appointment with a primary care doctor, a patient pulls out a brown paper bag filled with prescription medication bottles, half of which are open and the pills have spilled

Hospitals win ban on state Medicaid cuts

A federal judge has stayed California's attempt to cut certain Medicaid payments to hospitals, reports The Sacramento Bee. The cuts, which would have saved the state about $623 million over the next

PhDs using Dr. title confuse patients

With more nurses, pharmacists, and physical therapists pursuing doctorate degrees, some physicians are fighting back against their using the "doctor" title, reports The New York Times. For example,

OIG says Medicare Part D paying for invalid, illegal prescriptions

The Office of the Inspector General says criminals are exploiting weaknesses in the Medicare Part D program to obtain false prescriptions for schedule II medications, the Associated Press reports.

Robot lightens pharmacists' workload

Photo Credit: NYU Filling individual drug requests at NYU Langone Medical Center's Tisch Hospital just got a lot easier and safer. It used to take as much as 2.5 hours. Now a drug-sorting

Pharmacists increasingly helping patients to stay on track

Roughly $300 billion is spent each year on emergency and hospital care for patients who don't take their medications as prescribed. To help keep those patients on the right track, more pharmacies

Schwarzenegger vows tougher regulation of misconduct among health pros

Admitting that the state's system has been prone to long-standing delays, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vowed to reform professional disciplinary systems to keep better watch over medical

CA to try to increase number of healthcare support workers

In a move to try to increase the number of healthcare support workers in California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed details of a $32 million partnership between the state and four

Compounding of drugs by pharmacists may lack adequate safeguards

If you're a patient that needs drugs in a dose, form or combination not available, your pharmacist may be able to help. Every year, more than 30 million prescription drugs are compounded each year by

Study: Patient education saves money by cutting readmissions, ER visits

A new study funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality concludes that patients who clearly understand their after-hospital care instructions are 30 percent less likely to be readmitted