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Latest Headlines

Proposed rule: Medicaid insurers must cover mental health benefits

Medicaid insurers would be required to provide the same mental health and substance abuse coverage to their members as private plans do under a new proposed rule from by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

More patients use ER to treat complex, chronic conditions

The rate of patients in California who visit the emergency department for non-injury conditions has increased, indicating a shift in the ED's role in healthcare, according to a study published in  Health Affairs.

Report: Insurers fall short of behavioral health coverage

Insurance companies fall well short of providing mental health and substance abuse coverage, says a new report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Study: Exchange plans violate mental parity laws

About 25 percent of plans sold on health insurance exchanges violate a federal mental health parity law that requires insurers to offer equal benefits to physical and mental healthcare, according to a new study published in the journal  Psychiatric Services.

Let's bring behavioral, mental health into the mainstream

Most of last week's headlines focused on the Affordable Care Act--and rightfully so. But two smaller stories about behavioral and mental health will hopefully make big news in due time.

Glitch leaves thousands of Pennsylvania Medicaid beneficiaries without substance abuse treatment

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents are unable to receive treatment for addiction and mental health-related issues thanks to a glitch that occurred back in December.

'60 Minutes' accuses insurers of denying mental health claims

The news magazine 60 Minutes said on a recent show that insurers are denying mental health claims for patients in need of chronic long-term mental healthcare. In fact, the show said Anthem had more than a 90 percent denial rate for mental health claims, according to CBS News.

States make headway in keeping super-users out of ERs

Super-users, the patients who make a revolving door of hospital emergency rooms and often lack insurance or even the vaguest social safety net, have been one of the biggest cost burdens in healthcare delivery.

Access to psychiatric care severely limited in major cities

Despite a recent movement to increase primary care physicians' ability to identify m ental-health problems  in their patients, many may struggle to get their patients access to psychiatric care, according to a s tudy  published online today by  Psychiatric Services.

Healthcare future involves greater patient engagement, innovation and partnerships

What does the future hold for hospitals and healthcare? Patient engagement, better mental health services, partnering with pharmacies, innovation and different reimbursement models, according to a panel discussion at Wednesday's Health Care Forum 2014, sponsored by  The Economist.