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Latest Headlines

Skimpy plans thrive due to ACA 'quirk'

Cheap health insurance plans providing minimal coverage are staying alive in the market thanks to an Affordable Care Act loophole that lets employers offer meager coverage as long as they offer one plan complying with ACA requirements, the Wall Street Journal reported.

2014 Preview: What's in store for health insurers

Now that the calendar has switched to a new year, the health insurance industry is facing a slew of new developments under the healthcare reform law. So FierceHealthPayer compiled a list of four changes coming down the road that will affect health insurers in 2014.

WellPoint: Dental insurance important to baby boomers

Although Americans aged 45 and older value dental coverage benefits, only four in 10 older Americans have dental insurance from an employer, private and/or supplemental plan, finds a new survey from WellPoint.

Lawmakers, state officials urge insurers to stop canceling policies

Amid  reports of cancellation letters sent to members because plans don't meet healthcare reform's essential health benefits, lawmakers and state officials are pressuring insurers to allow members to retain their policies.

10 services insurers are least likely to cover

Insurers frequently don't cover 10 common medical services, according to a new analysis from HealthPocket. The company analyzed more than 11,000 health plans and found "significant consistency in what insurers are not willing to pay for."

With a new state, comes new health coverage

A few months ago, my family moved to California from Louisiana. We love it. Some of the reasons are obvious and expected--we are minutes from the beach, we can feel the calm of small town living, we...

Insurers' networks will help recruit members on exchanges

Since health insurance exchanges will create a more transparent and competitive landscape, insurers can't use price as a featured selling point to consumers.

Most individual plans missing reform's essential benefits

Most of the individual health plans that insurers sell don't meet reform law standards that go into effect next year, according to a study published in the journal Health Affairs.

Loophole could let insurers delay reform compliance

An obscure loophole in the health reform law, which lets consumers renew their current policies for an extra year, may help insurers avoid covering additional benefits mandated under the legislation.

Only 2% of insurers cover mandated essential health benefits

Very few insurers--only 2 percent--offer all the benefits they will be required to provide next year under the reform law, according to a new analysis from technology company HealthPocket.