Medicare Part B

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Critics push back against new Medicare Part B payment proposals

When the Obama administration announced its plan to test new ways of paying for prescription drugs under Medicare Part B, a slew of criticism from industry stakeholders quickly followed--though some say they see potential in the new models.  

Feds to test new Medicare Part B payment models

Citing a new report that found prescription drug spending reached $457 billion in 2015, the federal government announced it will test new Medicare Part B payment models to try to tackle those spiraling costs.  

340B hospitals spend less than other institutions for Part B drugs

A new study by an advocacy group for safety-net hospitals say that participants in the 340B drug discount program spend less per patient under Medicare Part B for drugs than hospitals outside of 340B, while still caring for a population of sicker patients.

New CMS tool tracks trends for costliest drugs

Health insurers concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs now will have access to a new tool that lets them--and the public at large--analyze spending trends on the medicines that cost the country's largest payer the most.  

GAO: New drugs account for highest costs in Medicare Part B

After examining the expenditures on the five highest-cost Medicare Part B drugs, a report by the Government Accountability Office found that high costs were concentrated among a small number of drugs and conditions.  

House Dems say they won't OK reduction in Medicare benefits

House Democrats say they will refuse to reduce any Medicare benefits as a way to avoid premium increases next year, according to  The Hill.  But while this would bode well for millions of Medicare members, it could mean a potential Democrat-Republican House grudge match.  

Lawmakers, White House tackle Medicare premium hike

A concerned White House and Congress are exploring strategies to mitigate the steep rise in premiums set to hit some Medicare beneficiaries next year, the  New York Times  reports.

Insurers could face fines for selling Medigap plans

A new law from the Obama administration will prohibit health insurance companies from selling Medicare supplement plans, or Medigap plans, that help consumers pay their Medicare Part B deductibles. And if an insurer breaks the law, the fine will not be cheap.

CMS releases new physician, hospital payment data

Newly released data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services show that Medicare reimbursements to doctors are far from evenly distributed, while hospital charges for top procedures and conditions have increased moderately.

OIG calls out CMS for ignoring advice, overpaying $251M for DME infusion drugs

Medicare spent $251 million more than it needed to on durable medical equipment infusion drugs from April 2013 to September 2014, according to a  report from the Office of Inspector General--which had spelled out in a February 2013 report exactly how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services could avoid overpaying for such drugs.