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Latest Headlines

Critics push back against new Medicare Part B payment proposals

When the Obama administration announced its plan to test new ways of paying for prescription drugs under Medicare Part B, a slew of criticism from industry stakeholders quickly followed--though some say they see potential in the new models.  

Feds to test new Medicare Part B payment models

Citing a new report that found prescription drug spending reached $457 billion in 2015, the federal government announced it will test new Medicare Part B payment models to try to tackle those spiraling costs.  

Cancer treatment waste costs insurers $3B each year, study says

Cancer drug waste costs the Medicare program and private insurers billions of dollars each year, according to a new report from  The BMJ.  

Cigna makes performance-based drug pricing deal with Novartis

Health insurer Cigna has teamed up with Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG to set the price for a new heart medication based on performance, Reuters reports.  

Federal appeals court removes barrier for dual hospital classification

It may now be easier for hospitals to improve outcomes at lower costs by claiming both "urban" and "rural" status, thanks to a ruling by the 2 nd  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

20 companies join in effort to keep employee healthcare costs low

Twenty major companies are teaming up to keep the amount they spend on employee healthcare as low as possible. 

The practical challenges of Medicare negotiating drug prices

​Despite presidential candidates promising to reduce the out-of-pocket costs of prescription drugs, a new article from  STAT  makes the case that the amount of power the government actually has to drive down drug prices on a large scale may not be significant.  

Are insurers to blame for skyrocketing drug prices?

Drug prices are increasing due to the fact that many health insurers cover few prescriptions, including those that are old and should be priced very low, Scott Gottleib of the American Enterprise Institute writes in a post for  Forbes.   

Insurers, manufacturers consider compromise in drug-price debate

Drug makers and insurance companies may finally be leaning toward some form of mutual understanding and compromise about rising prescription prices, according to  STAT News.

Can Clinton's health insurance plans really work?

Even if a Democrat wins the White House, the candidate would have little chance of implementing his or her plans unless the party controls both the House and Senate, argues an  article in the National Journal.