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Latest Headlines

More hospitals interested in launching health plans

Health insurers are likely to face new competition from many different areas of the healthcare market. Rising competition just might come from hospitals looking to launch their own health plans, The Washington Post reported.

Colorado exchange draws competition while 2 states ask HHS for help

Colorado's state-run health insurance exchange has drawn the attention of 11 insurers seeking to sell about 250 health plans to individuals and small groups

Will insurance exchanges create more competitive marketplaces?

Competition begets competition--at least according to several healthcare economists. States that already have competitive insurance markets will likely see even more competition after health insurance exchanges open for enrollment later this year, they said.

AMA: 70% of commercial insurance markets are anti-competitive

The health insurance industry is a highly consolidated market, with only one insurer in most areas of the country, according to a new report from the American Medical Association.

Blue Cross $991M surplus draws criticism, fear of monopoly

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is coming under fire for amassing a surplus of nearly $1 billion when it already controls 90 percent of the state's insurance market, reported The Birmingham News.

Court: Most-favored nation contracts don't harm competition

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has dodged a civil lawsuit after a federal judge dismissed the city of Pontiac's claim that the insurer offers special, discounted contract prices to certain

Look to auto insurance for health payers' consumer-centric future

If you watch television, you know all about car insurance commercials. You can probably even quickly identify the various mascots for the companies--the ubiquitous cavemen, the gecko, the "mayhem"

ACOs not subject to antitrust review anymore

Certain accountable care organizations (ACO) are no longer subject to mandatory antitrust reviews, reports FierceHealthcare. Along with the release of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services