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Latest Headlines

Bundled payments can be gateway to payment reform

When insurers implement bundled payment projects, they're transforming care by focusing on quality and lowering costs, making it a strong gateway to propel payment reform, according to a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Institute.

Reference pricing saves CalPERS $5.5 Million

Reference pricing--the setting of hard payment caps on procedures--saved the California Public Employees Retirement System $5.5 million in the past couple of years on hip and knee replacements surgeries,  Health Data Management  reported.

Bundle payments to reduce price variation

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey have found their bundled payment programs improve quality and lower costs. Plus, bundled payments can reduce the variation in prices among providers for the same service, reported AIS Health.

Experts debate meaning of Medicare complication, readmission data

In December, Medicare released data on the best and worst hospitals for hip and knee replacements. Providers are now debating the deeper meaning of that data, according to the  Philadelphia Inquirer.

3 cities where knee replacement costs and quality bear no relation

What a hospital charges bears little resemblance to the quality of care received,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

Private insurers spend 14% more on knee surgeries than Medicare

Private insurers are spending 14 percent more than Medicare on knee replacement surgeries and related costs, even though Medicare patients are older and have double the hospital readmission rates. A

Pilot program will test bundled fees on knee, hip replacements

In an experiment modeled after Medicare's bundled payment pilot programs, several California hospitals this summer will begin charging bundled fees for knee and hip replacements. Four insurers,

Risky 'value-based' insurance lowers health costs, but with a gamble

Would you opt for a health insurance plan that offers free care for chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes if it meant paying through the nose if you ever needed to visit the ER or had

Health plans begin to cover medical tourism

For years, U.S. employers have been looking for ways to save money on healthcare costs by having their employees' high-ticket procedures done far more cheaply offshore. Those who have attempted this,

CMS awards $7M to top performers in P4P program

CMS has announced that it will award a collective $7 million this year to the 112 top performing hospitals in its ongoing pay-for-performance project with Premier. The best performer, Sacred Heart