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Latest Headlines

Consumers buy high-deductible health plans begrudgingly

Non-group insurance enrollment hit an all-time high in 2015, but many of those consumers that bought high-deductible plans do not think are a good value.

Use cost sharing with caution on chronic patients

Cost sharing can help employers and consumers alike spend less on healthcare, but the practice should be used with caution when it comes to the sickest patients.

Consumer-driven health plans can bend cost curve

The consumer-driven health plan seems to bend the healthcare cost curve for large employers, according to a working  paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Consumers prefer HDHPs to high-premium plans

Americans increasingly prefer a high-deductible health plan to one with a high monthly premium but a low deductible, according to a recent Bankrate.com survey. There are divides among age groups and income brackets, however.

Health spending to increase with ACA

Although the Affordable Care Act has implemented different ways to remove waste from the healthcare system, it has yet to succeed at reducing costs. Instead, the ACA might lead to more spending now that millions of people have gained insurance.

Communicate, educate and promote to members all at once

I'm about to declare something rare--my insurance company did something right. A few days ago, I received two pamphlets in the mail from my insurance company. My health plan recently shifted...

Hospitals seek patient collection strategies: Cash upfront, payment plans

Hospitals and physician groups--expecting a rise in the number of patients with high-deductible health insurance plans--are coming up  with strategies to ensure they receive payment f or providing services  for scheduled or elective surgeries. Among the most popular options: Collecting cash upfront and enrolling patients in payment plans,  accordi ng to  the  Chicago Tribune.

Employers aren't dropping health coverage, survey finds

Premiums continue to increase, albeit at a slightly slower pace than in past years, and employers haven't dropped coverage, according to a new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

High-deductible plans increase bad debt, hospitals say

The growing popularity of high-deductible insurance plans is leaving more hospitals stuck with unpaid bills,  Kaiser Health News  reported.  

Employees prefer low-cost plans to traditional employer-based plans

When employees have the option of a traditional employer-sponsored health plan and a cheaper, high-deductible or limited network plan, 60 percent will choose the plan with the lower costs, says a new survey report from Liazon, a provider of private health exchanges.