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Latest Headlines

In Senate testimony, GAO warns of Affordable Care Act fraud risks

A top watchdog official told the Senate Finance Committee that the federal government needs to do more to strengthen Affordable Care Act enrollment controls and prevent fraud involving ACA subsidies, reinforcing key points of a report released last month.     

Some aren't sold on feds' health plan network rating idea

The federal government's plan to rate Healthcare.gov plans based on network breadth is intended to arm consumers with more information as they shop for coverage, but some are questioning how effective this approach will actually be.

CMS plans network-breadth rating system for Healthcare.gov plans

Though the federal government has stepped back from its proposal to implement additional network adequacy regulations for Affordable Care Act plans, it will move forward with its initiative to provide Healthcare.gov shoppers with information about health plans' network breadth.  

CMS reveals new verification process for special enrollment eligibility

Consumers that enroll in health plans outside of the open enrollment period will face new documentation requirements to ensure they meet special enrollment period qualifications.

OIG: Feds failed to address Healthcare.gov troubles until it was too late

A rushed, inadequate response to clear signs that Healthcare.gov was headed for trouble contributed to its ill-fated launch in 2013, according to a newly released, five-year study from the Office of Inspector General.  

Paperwork complications may undermine the Affordable Care Act

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their subsidies or policies under the Affordable Care Act because of paperwork problems, according to the Associated Press, and advocates fear those issues could undermine the success of the ACA.  

Feds want Healthcare.gov to become an active purchaser

The government wants to take a more active role in selecting and designing health plans available on Healthcare.gov--similar to the approach California takes with its exchange.  

Open enrollment sign-ups total 12.7 million

Affordable Care Act marketplace sign-ups for 2016 totaled about 12.7 million people, the federal government announced Thursday, including 9.6 million who enrolled through Healthcare.gov and 3.1 million through state exchanges.

Minnesota audit finds state spent as much as $271M on ineligible beneficiaries

Minnesota overpaid as much as $271 million over a five-month period on ineligible beneficiaries within the state's health insurance exchange program, according to a recently released audit.  

With fee to use Healthcare.gov looming, states eye other options

Now that the federal government plans to charge some states a fee to use Healthcare.gov, officials in those states are trying to decide how they want to manage certain functions of their health insurance marketplaces and are considering collaborating with other states, the  National Journal  reports.