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Latest Headlines

Horizon BCBSNJ invests in tech for better provider relations, patient care

As health insurance becomes more retail-based and consumer-oriented, insurers need the right technology to adapt to the ever-evolving environment. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is focusing its technology resources on developing new relationships with providers, such as patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations, Horizon BCBSNJ CIO Doug Blackwell told FierceHealthPayer in an exclusive interview.

WellPoint CEO sets sights on technology

WellPoint CEO Joeseph Swedish has made adapting to technology a top priority for the Indianapolis-based insurer, aiming to ease access to healthcare services and cater to younger smartphone-savvy consumers, reports the Associated Press.

Insurers: Tech must measure value

As technology's role in the health insurance industry grows, payers are moving on to their next IT challenge: measuring value, InformationWeek reported.

What's to come for the consumer-centric insurance industry?

As the healthcare insurance landscape continues to evolve, payers should shift toward customer-centric models to adopt and retain their members, according to a new report from College for America.

The imperative of safety in mHealth and why it can't be ignored

Technology is a wonderful thing, except when it's not. The wireless network crashes, the PC blows up, the tablet gets a virus, smartphones go missing. And in each of those scenarios, data and access to data is potentially compromised. It's no different with mHealth devices.

Tech drives member engagement, closes provider feedback loop

By using the latest technology, health insurers can take the lead in improving the feedback loop between payers, providers and patients, Gerald Shields from consulting firm The Nolan Company wrote in  Insurance & Technology.

What 6 female payer execs have to say about tech-driven healthcare

The editors at FierceHealthPayer combed through our exclusive interviews with health plan leaders to round up six of the most thought-provoking and memorable quotes about health IT successes and challenges.

How to achieve digital excellence in insurance

Consumer frustrations with the new online marketplaces reinforce the need for health insurers to make the shift to digital and have well-defined strategies around marketing, sales and service, notes Harvard Business Review.

Aetna touts health IT as cost cutter in new marketing campaign

Aetna is hoping a new marketing campaign can help boost its efforts to encourage provider coordination and enhance the use of health technologies.

Ear bud technology offers a unique biometric monitoring option

Unlike most remote monitoring sensors that are stuck on the skin with woven mesh, bandages or adhesive textiles, tech company Valencell has come up with a sensor that patients just might wear all the