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Latest Headlines

Q3 reports: Insurers' business, membership continues to increase

As another batch of insurers have released their third quarter earnings, most signs continue to indicate that business is growing for the industry as a whole.

California officials scrutinizing narrow networks

California insurers are raising rates by an average of 4.2 percent, but state insurance officials aren't challenging the increased premiums. However, they are scrutinizing insurers' narrow networks, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Can insurers gain market share by cutting premium rates?

As more insurers release their 2015 premium requests, some hope to gain a larger share of their market by dropping their rates. Kaiser Permanente, for example, sold some of the most expensive plans on the health insurance exchange in California and came in fourth among all exchange insurers. Its poor performance may have driven the company to lower its rates by 1.4 percent, reports the  Los Angeles Times. 

Health Net hit with most consumer complaints in Arizona

California-based Health Net boasts the lowest-cost insurance plans in Arizona, as well as the most consumer complaints, the  Arizona Republic  reported.

Hospitals should pay the premiums for patients who fall behind

It's little surprise that David Sedaris, whose acid observations about how Americans inflict themselves on one another are the best put to paper since Ambrose Bierce, left this country years...

Insurers sanctioned for denying speech, occupational therapy payment

A trio of California insurers--Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net and Blue Shield--received orders Monday to cease and desist from denying benefit payment for speech and/or occupational therapy services, according to an announcement by the state's Department of Managed Health Care.

The ACA's true cost drivers are being ignored

The Affordable Care Act is causing quite a stir these days, but aside from bugs bedeviling the health insurance exchanges, that's about all we're hearing about healthcare reform. One of the...

Health Net adapts business to succeed in post-reform market

Health Net stands out among insurers as a company that remains positive about the healthcare reform law and its impact, regardless of the uncertainty, political debates and technical problems surrounding the health insurance exchange rollout.

Narrow network plans could drive up costs

Insurers have been reviving narrow networks for plans they're going to sell through the health insurance exchanges, believing consumers will trade provider choice and access for lower premiums.

6 insurers to offer pediatric dental coverage on California exchange

Six insurers have said they will offer pediatric dental coverage on California's health insurance exchange, Covered California announced Tuesday.