Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AliveCor aims to deliver FDA-approved heart monitoring for Apple Watch

AliveCor, led by three ex-Google software development and design gurus, is aiming to do what Apple hasn't with its wearable Watch: provide users with a sophisticated, accurate and federal government-approved heart monitor.

Google, Harvard team up for better insights into health IT

A new executive education program brings Google staff to Harvard Medical School in an attempt to help them better align technology with the needs of healthcare.

Verily looks to create 'Google of human systems biology'

Verily, Google's life sciences arm, is looking to create a library that uses machine-learning technology to help medical professionals search for medical information.

Google's DeepMind to enter health sector with clinician-led tech

Google's artificial intelligence group, DeepMind, is entering the healthcare sector with a focus on clinician-led technology.

Is Google planning to take over CMS?

Google may just be the next big player in the payer realm, Biogen Vice President Adam Koppel tells  MedCity News, as the tech giant aims to increase its influence in healthcare data analytics and may even aim to take the place of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  

Eric Topol: Healthcare turning toward virtual doctor's office

The phrase "the doctor knows best" may be on its way out as health technology is leading to an age where medical decisions are not ordered but shared discussions between physicians and their patients, Eric Topol, M.D., says in an interview with the  University of Toronto's Rotman Management Magazine.

Personal genomic data not a secret, says Google Ventures' Bill Maris

People who are worried about their personal genomic data getting into the wrong hands, especially as hacking of health data grows, probably shouldn't lose sleep over it, according to Google Ventures' Bill Maris.

Google wearable contact lens patent gets federal green light

The U.S. patent office is giving its stamp of approval yet again to a Google patent for a wearable contact lens device boasting microprocessor capability, electric circuit, memory and sensor technology.

Google Ventures investor: Entrepreneurs have to ask 'why?' when creating digital health tools

Google Ventures aims to take life science entrepreneurs and introduce them to technology that they can use at their businesses, according to Krishna Yeshwant, M.D., an investor at GV who specializes in health and life sciences.

Chief of mental health at NIH sets sights on Google

Technology still hasn't had the impact on healthcare that it should, according to Thomas Insel, outgoing director of the National Institute of Mental Health. Now he's teaming up with Google to see that it does.