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Latest Headlines

Investment bank: Healthcare may be Google's next multi-billion dollar business

A little more than a year after Google's co-founders said the tech giant would not become a healthcare company, one investment bank says the company's healthcare ventures could create its next multi-billion dollar business.

Docs share mixed thoughts on Google's online medical data

Some doctors tend to worry that patients' online research will only leave them more confused.

Human testing to start on Novartis smart contact lenses by next year

Smart contact lenses are coming, and will be tested as soon as next year, according to an announcement from Novartis.

Google teams up with Sanofi on diabetes treatment

Google is continuing a push to make its mark on diabetes treatment by partnering with European pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

Life sciences team to split from Google X, form separate company under Alphabet

Alphabet's life sciences team, which has been in charge of development of a smart contact lens, among other innovations, will split from Google's X lab and become its own entity under the new holding company.

Let's hope Google's restructuring helps to keep its health efforts on track

Google (er, Alphabet), for too long, has been this slightly sleepy lumbering giant within the health industry--sometimes moving closer to the center to spur innovation and then just as quickly, stepping silently away to sit quietly on the perimeter as other notable players remain in constant proximity to the heart of advancements.

Google Glass a viable teletoxicology treatment device

Google Glass may prove an effective and viable device in teletoxicology, according to a new study.

Google, DexCom team up to create disposable glucose monitoring device

Google is partnering with DexCom to develop disposable continuous glucose monitoring devices that will be smaller in size and cheaper than today's monitoring options.

What Google's Alphabet transition means for its healthcare future

In announcing the creation of holding company Alphabet this week, Google's healthcare ventures--of which there are many--could be greatly impacted.

Google to wade back into Glass development; healthcare targeted

Google, in a behind the scenes effort to boost its Glass wearable, is reportedly set to distribute a new version geared toward specific industries, including healthcare.