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Latest Headlines

Can insurers really achieve better care at lower costs?

There's no mistaking the fact that healthcare costs continue to rise regardless of whether quality of care improves. So the Commonwealth Fund examines if it's possible to get better care at lower costs, analyzing several payment reform initiatives already underway.

Harvard Pilgrim reaches global payment deal with Partners HealthCare

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care reached a new deal with Partners HealthCare System for a new global payment arrangement that gives providers a fixed amount of money each year to care for patients.

Blues plan overhauls provider contract to coordinate care

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island is working with one of the state's major hospital groups to overhaul their contract, shifting toward a more comprehensive, quality-focused agreement.

Blue Cross Blue Shield alternative quality contract cuts costs, improves care

The 4,800 doctors working with the BCBSMA alternative quality contract spent 3.3 percent less in 2010 (the second year of the program), compared to non-participating doctors, amounting to a $107 savings per patient.

'Comfortable life' as a physician no longer a given

"Any day, the bottom can drop out. We could be bankrupt next month," family physician Scott Hammond recently told the Wall Street Journal. Hammond, whose three-doctor practice is struggling to see a

Tufts saves $105M by reworking Partners HealthCare contract

Tufts Health Plan will save $105 million in reimbursement payments after it reworked a contract with Partners HealthCare, the largest hospital network in Massachusetts. The new contract announced

Insurers criticized for preventing psychiatric care

A new study is criticizing health insurers in Massachusetts, where statewide reform has lead to innovative changes like global payments, for preventing patients from accessing timely psychiatric

Global payments yield 'modest' savings

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts' own version of a global payment system, called the alternative quality contract (AQC), has produced "modest" savings in its first year and improved quality of

Global payments aren't saving money in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has been leading the charge to contain healthcare costs, but a new report finds that its efforts thus far aren't successful. Attorney General Martha Coakley conducted a yearlong review

BCBS of Massachusetts puts Beth Israel doctors on budget

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the Beth Israel Deaconess Physician Organization have signed an alternative quality contract, thereby covering 40 percent of Blue Cross HMO members under