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Latest Headlines

Nonprofit insurers post operating losses in Q1

The nonprofit insurers in Massachusetts, a leader in health reform, reported falling operating incomes in the first quarter, primarily because of increasing pressure to keep premium costs low.

Harvard Pilgrim excludes high-priced hospitals in new limited network

Harvard Pilgrim has created a new limited network of moderately priced providers that reduces insurance costs by 10 percent. The insurer's decision is the latest move by the Massachusetts healthcare

Insurers rake in earnings at ten times 2010 profits

The four largest health insurers in Massachusetts fared extremely well in 2011, as fewer people sought medical care and as insurers renegotiated provider contracts, which helped them stifle

Mass. insurers see 'no profit margin' with 2.3% rate hike

Massachusetts health insurers can increase premiums by an average of 2.3 percent, the smallest hikes in the state during the past 10 years. As a healthcare reform leader, Massachusetts could be

Harvard Pilgrim pays members to use cheaper treatments

Massachusetts-based Harvard Pilgrim has started paying patients $10 to $75 each time they get medical tests at a lower cost provider. Under Harvard Pilgrim's SaveOn program, when members get

Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts no longer merging

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan are calling off plans to merge, and the decision is raising as many questions as it answered, including whether Massachusetts's proposed health law