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Latest Headlines

For payers, member satisfaction on the rise

Good news, payers: Customer satisfaction with health plans has improved since 2014.

Somebody, please, fix the broken healthcare payment system

I've written about this issue before, but it bears repeating: The health insurance industry must do something about its payment system. Let me paint you a picture that's indicative of the...

Reporter's Notebook: 4 consumer engagement tips from AHIP Institute 2014

Health insurance is going retail, so industry experts at this week's AHIP Institute Consumer Experience Forum in Seattle offered guidance on how to ensure brand loyalty, engage new consumers, and take the consumer experience beyond member acquisition to retention.

Member satisfaction soars for Medigap coverage

An overwhelming majority of Medigap members--94 percent--are satisfied with their coverage, according to a new survey from America's Health Insurance Plans. What's more, 91 percent would recommend similar coverage to a friend or relative.

Obtain customer satisfaction with clarity, communications

As insurers prepare to compete in a new consumer-oriented market, they must deliver clarity early on in the consumer journey, according to a new survey by Siegel+Gale.

Fierce Q&A: Care management programs improve customer service, lower costs

Care management programs are a key step payers can take to help improve their customer service and member outreach while also reducing their costs. These programs, which often address certain patient...

Insurers improve diabetes care, get low marks for other coverage

California's health plans received positive marks for customer satisfaction and enhanced diabetes care, but they still should improve treatment for lung disease, attention-deficit disorder and throat

Survey: Members will pay more for better customer service

If health insurance companies improve the quality of their customer service, they likely could charge more for their products. That's because nearly half of the health plan customers surveyed by