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Latest Headlines

Aetna drives value-based reform by collaborating with one provider in market

Aetna has experienced a lot of success with its accountable care organizations, in which it establishes a trusting relationship with its provider partners to steer value-based reform throughout the country. One of the keys to that success has been choosing one major integrated health system in each market to partner with--and then excluding all the other providers in the area.

Aetna: ACOs need data sharing, mobile health

While it will take several years to measure the true effect of accountable care organizations, investments in technology and data sharing could accelerate the model's success.

Aetna: Bumpy road ahead for ACOs

As accountable care organizations proliferate throughout the country, Aetna's chief of ACO operations says the organizations can continue to succeed even though they'll hit some bumpy roads ahead.

Aetna: Empower providers with data for ACO success

Aetna has achieved a high level of success through its accountable care organizations in the last few years--but that accomplishment hasn't come by accident. The insurer is keen on implementing...