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Latest Headlines

Partners execs got double-digit pay bumps

Executives at Massachusetts' largest healthcare provider saw nearly 20 percent pay bumps between fiscal years 2012 and 2013, the Boston Business Journal reports.

Top Blues execs in Alabama receive million-dollar pay increases

Top 10 executives at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama earned an additional $1 million each in 2013, and collectively have doubled their pay since 2011, according to an article on  Al.com.  

NJ health commissioner wants hospitals to make financial disclosures

New Jersey's state health commissioner put forth a proposal that would require all hospitals in the state to publicly disclose their financial data, the Newark Star-Ledger  reported.

Golden handshakes: Retiring on top and remaining on the payroll

Retired hospital CEOs often stay with the institution in a well-paid emeritus position, the New York Times reports. But such a practice has come under criticism.

Docs respond to soaring CEO pay

Healthcare CEO pay is skyrocketing, with the pay of the top 500 American executives tripling since the early 1990s. But how do doctors feel about these numbers, which vastly outweigh their own compensation? Medscape Multispeciality finds out.

3 steps to professional success for hospital CEOs in a changing industry

As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, hospital CEOs are under more pressure and scrutiny than ever before to deliver effective and financially efficient care, all in the face of the highest CEO turnover of all time. Here are three ways  hospital and health system CEOs can ensure professional success in the volatile healthcare industry.

Does CEO compensation reward low performance over optimism?

Hospital CEO pay may penalize optimistic behavior and reward lower-performing executives, according to recent research.

CEO compensation: Time to rein in skyrocketing salaries, incentives

The skyrocketing compensation packages for healthcare CEOs garnered a lot of media attention in the last few weeks. A recent New York Times analysis found that salaries of hospital executives...

Massachusetts nurses union rallies support for staffing ratio, transparency ballot vote

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) acquired enough signatures to put two hospital initiatives up for a ballot vote in November, according to the  Boston Business Journal.

Hospital pulls from exec bonuses to give employee raises

In an effort to boost employee morale and provide a living wage, one Texas hospital is using money once designated for executive bonuses to give it's frontline employees a raise, according to  Think Progress.