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Latest Headlines

Supreme Court eyes health insurance cases

Those who have watched the evolution of the Affordable Care Act know that the Supreme Court can play a pivotal role in shaping health policy. And the Court's newest term--which begins today--is no exception, with several politically charged cases up for consideration, some of which have implications for the health insurance industry.

Provider groups support Vermont in all-payer claims database case

The American Hospital Association and Association of American Medical Colleges submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court supporting Vermont's stance in the  in the case of  Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual Insurance.

New Mexico becomes latest state to launch all-payer claims database

New Mexico will become the latest state to institute an all-payer claims database, a move intended to increase healthcare price transparency for consumers.

Supreme Court to decide on all-payer claims database challenge

King v. Burwell  isn't the only healthcare reform case the Supreme Court will rule on next month. At issue: Whether state laws requiring insurers to submit information to all-payer claims databases supercede federal laws.

Competing insurers collaborate on data-sharing project

Seven competing insurers in Colorado have decided to work together to establish an online data-sharing tool to help improve the delivery of care throughout the state.