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Republicans unveil alternative for healthcare overhaul

Plan would stop Medicaid expansion, repeal individual and employer mandates

Three Republican lawmakers rolled out a comprehensive proposal Wednesday for an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, reported the New York Times. The plan would stop Medicaid expansion, which has been gaining traction in Republican-led states. Some Republicans, however, say expansion is "financially unsustainable" under current laws. While retaining some of the consumer protections of the ACA, the new proposal would reduce federal regulation of insurance policies, such as no longer requiring policies to include maternity care coverage. Additionally, the plan would repeal both the individual and employer mandates. Now in control of both houses of Congress, and with the looming Supreme Court decision regarding the legality of federal subsidies, Republicans say the need for an alternative has become more urgent. The proposal did not include cost estimates or the number of people who would potentially be covered. Article