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Polls: Marketplace customers happy, 55% of uninsured to sign up


Americans who bought their 2014 health insurance through the federal or state marketplaces tend to be happy with it, according to a Gallup poll.

The poll, which questioned 407 adults aged 18 and older, from Oct. 22-Nov. 12, found that seven in 10 rated the quality and coverage of their healthcare as "excellent" or "good." For those who were newly insured this year, 32 percent said the quality of their health insurance was excellent, while 42 percent said it was good.

In addition, the newly insured tend to be more satisfied (75 percent) with the cost of their health insurance than all Americans with health insurance (61 percent). However, many of the newly insured received government subsidies to help reduce the overall cost of their health insurance.

For the upcoming year, 68 percent  say they will renew their current policy, 7 percent plan to switch to a different policy through a state or federal exchange, 15 percent say they will get a different policy from another source, and 2 percent will opt to drop their health insurance altogether.

And with open enrollment kicking off tomorrow, 55 percent of those who currently lack healthcare coverage say they plan to sign up, while 35 percent of the uninsured say they'll choose instead to pay the fine as required by the Affordable Care Act, according to a second Gallup poll of 976 uninsured Americans.

Seventy percent of respondents were aware of the law's "individual mandate" that requires them to have health insurance or pay a fine, leaving 30 percent unaware of the law's requirements more than a year after the exchanges first opened.

Exchanges were the preferred way to get health insurance for 50 percent, while 29 percent plan to sign up elsewhere and 21 aren't sure where they might get insurance.

Insurers have launched a marketing blitz to boost enrollment, but they may have their work cut out for them.  Uninsured Americans' familiarity with the exchanges is low, the poll disclosed. It noted, however, that those still uninsured may be less motivated to seek coverage.

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