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Independence Blue Cross, other companies form immunotherapy coalition; Humana expands use of telemedicine in Medicare Advantage;


News From Around the Web

> Independence Blue Cross has joined pharmaceutical companies including Celgene and Amgen as well as the Bank of America in forming The National Immunotherapy Coalition, which is focused on "accelerating the potential of combination immunotherapies as the next generation standard of care in patients with cancer." Announcement

> Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, wants to complete Medicaid expansion in the state by July 1, according to the Sun Herald. Article

> Humana will expand its use of telemedicine in its Medicare Advantage plans in 12 states starting this year, officials from the insurer told Politico's Morning eHealth. News briefs

Healthcare News

> Walgreens continues to shift operations of its retail clinics to local healthcare providers. The drug store chain announced that Advocate Health Care, the largest health system in Illinois, will take over the ownership and operation of Walgreens' 56 healthcare clinics across the Chicago area. Article

Health IT News

> Startups may find the healthcare market harder to break into and the scrutiny of what they offer more severe after recent reports about the veracity of lab testing company Theranos' technology. Article

And finally… Image is everything. Article