Michigan Blues' Doug Cedras: Customers expect data analytics


By Alicia Caramenico

Insurers increasingly have been putting more investment in big data and analytics tools, hoping to achieve better outcomes and lower costs. But data analytics also offers insurers the opportunity to harness lots of data to effectively deter fraud, waste and abuse--even before it happens.

FierceHealthPayer caught up with Doug Cedras (pictured), director of Corporate and Financial Investigations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, at the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association's Annual Training Conference this week in Orlando, Fla., to learn how the insurer uses predictive analytics to address healthcare fraud against the corporation and its customers.

In this exclusive interview, Cedras discusses the growing importance of data in healthcare, and the other various departments that can leverage predictive analytics. Cedras also explains how the customer expectation for analytics is driving Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's efforts. Click through the pages below to learn more.