Aetna - Mark Bertolini

CEO payouts at 8 largest health insurers

By Dina Overland

Mark Bertolini - Aetna

Total Revenue: $36.6 billion

Total Compensation: $13.2 million

Details: Mark Bertolini has been vocal about his approach to the health insurance exchanges, saying Aetna's strategy should shield it from too must risk associated with the new online marketplaces. That's because less than 3 percent of Aetna's revenue comes from individual and small group business, which is a majority of the exchange plans.

Since Bertolini recently predicted it could take up to three years to resolve all the technical issues plaguing the exchanges, Aetna won't likely increase its exchange presence beyond its 14 markets. Bertolini also led Aetna's decision to buy Coventry Health Care last year, which has continued to pay off as the insurer has repeatedly reported higher profits since the acquisition.

Compensation: Aetna's chief executive earned a lower bonus in 2012 because he failed to meet certain performance goals, but his overall compensation package still rose 25 percent. His base salary in 2012 was just under $1 million and he received $11 million in stock awards, plus $892,000 in non-equity incentives. Bertolini also earned more than $250,000 in other compensation, including perks like personal use of the corporate aircraft, which was valued at $201,000. Aetna also spent $16,000 to upgrade Bertolini's home security system due to the reform debate's impact on his family.

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