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Obama to include Cadillac tax adjustment in budget proposal

Next week, President Barack Obama will propose amending the controversial Cadillac tax on expensive private health plans in the administration's 2017 budget plan, according to a article from the New England Journal of Medicine.


Covered California exec blasts UnitedHealth for ACA criticism

The executive director of California's health insurance exchange is firing back at UnitedHealth after the nation's largest insurer threatened to stop selling Affordable Care Act policies in 2017.


Insurers jump into battle over drug prices at state level

Health insurers in Virginia want to require more pricing transparency from the pharmaceutical industry, but drug companies are pushing back by saying this could be the first step toward government-related price controls that would stifle future innovations, according to an Associated Press article.


ACA's Basic Health Program gains traction in some states

In New York and Minnesota, a combined 475,000 low-income individuals have signed up for health plans that are even more affordable than subsidized marketplace coverage through the Affordable Care Act's Basic Health Program. Yet it may not be likely for other states to adopt the same program, according to an article from Kaiser Health News.

Is Google planning to take over CMS?

Google may just be the next big player in the payer realm, Biogen Vice President Adam Koppel tells MedCity News, as the tech giant aims to increase its influence in healthcare data analytics and may even aim to take the place of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


6 million Americans qualify for Medicaid but don't sign up

As many as six million Americans are eligible to get nearly free healthcare through Medicaid but don't sign up, according to an article from the Wall Street Journal.

AHIP joins campaign to lobby against Medicare Advantage cuts

America's Health Insurance Plans is flexing its lobbying muscle in an effort to galvanize 2 million Medicare Advantage beneficiaries to convince the federal government not to cut their benefits, according to an announcement from the Coalition for Medicare Choices.


UnitedHealth's Helios acquisition helps it expand into workers comp

UnitedHealth Group's recent acquisition of workers compensation pharmacy benefit manager Helios will help the health insurer grow by expanding its offerings in the pharmaceutical space, an analyst tells Business Insurance.

ACA enrollment advocates have uphill battle in Oklahoma

A group of Oklahoma insurance counselors are increasing their efforts to find people who are uninsured in the state and enroll them in coverage before the open enrollment period ends Jan. 31--a difficult task in a state staunchly opposed to the Affordable Care Act.


Some millionaires qualify for health plan subsidies under the ACA

Due to a provision in the Affordable Care Act that bases subsidies on income rather than net worth, some millionaires are obtaining financial aid for their health plans, according to a CNBC article.