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Medicaid expansion would cut healthcare disparities in the South, report says

Southerners are more likely to be uninsured, have chronic illnesses and experience worse health outcomes than people in other areas of the country, and expanding Medicaid eligibility in Southern states would go a long way toward reducing these disparities, according to a brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Survey: Consumers switch health plans often

About half of respondents in a new survey said they changed their health plan in the past three years, according to the independent public relations firm Finn Partners. 

Lawsuits challenge Medicaid policies on covering hepatitis C drugs

Some states have denied Medicaid coverage for effective yet expensive hepatitis C drugs to patients and prisoners, and class-action lawsuits challenging those decisions could end up costing the states hundreds of millions of dollars, according to an article from The Pew Charitable Trusts.


States foster marketplace competition through consumer education, rate review

A new brief from the Commonwealth Fund reveals how individual marketplaces in four states promote competition among insurers, educate consumers and ensure a level playing field for premiums through the rate review process.

Cigna makes performance-based drug pricing deal with Novartis

Health insurer Cigna has teamed up with Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG to set the price for a new heart medication based on performance, Reuters reports.


With open enrollment over, Burwell sets sights on Medicaid expansion

Now that open enrollment is over, the Department of Health and Human Services is still trying to figure out a way to get the remaining uninsured the coverage they need.


Cadillac tax opponents say full repeal is the only solution

Last week, White House economic advisers revealed that President Barack Obama would include an adjustment to the Cadillac tax in his 2017 budget proposal, but critics of the tax are not impressed.

Study: Great potential for Medicare Advantage to engage providers in value-based care

While Medicare Advantage plans present immense potential to accelerate the transition from volume to value in the healthcare industry, health plans still face challenges in convincing providers of the buisness case for value-based care in MA, according to a new study from Deloitte.


20 companies join in effort to keep employee healthcare costs low

Twenty major companies are teaming up to keep the amount they spend on employee healthcare as low as possible. 

A 2006 healthcare bill could serve as foundation for a single-payer system

A decade-old plan with a focus on cost-sharing could help the country successfully transition to a universal healthcare program, according to a Vox blog post.