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Latest Headlines

How wearables will change insurer-customer relationship

The Apple Watch will debut in April without some of its highly anticipated health functions, but the market for wearable technology nonetheless remains poised to change the way the health insurance industry operates.

Payer tech isn't sexy, but it's on its way

For anyone with even a passing interest in technology, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a landlubber's version of The Little Mermaid's collection. There are gadgets and gizmos...

Two major technology trends will shape the future of health insurance

With 2014 drawing to a close, the health insurance industry has its eyes set on 2015 and beyond.  Big data and wearable tech, among other things, have the capacity to revolutionize health insurance.

Insurers embrace bigger, better data

For health insurers, data is getting bigger and smarter, Healthcare IT News reported. Better data and advanced algorithms has allowed WellPoint to both retrospectively analyze claims and proactively look for gaps in coding as well as gaps in care, for example.

Why payers must embrace wearable tech

The proliferation of wearable technology, such as fitness bands that measure exercise level or heartbeat, provides the type of information health insurers need to drive better health outcomes among members and reduce their risks.