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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth-Catamaran deal all about negotiating better drug prices

UnitedHealth's $12.8 billion acquisition of pharmacy benefit manager Catamaran  is all about combatting high drug prices, the  Washington Post  reported.

UnitedHealth hysterectomy decision pits payers against providers

UnitedHealth's recent decision to require doctors to get prior authorization before performing most inpatient hysterectomies has sparked a debate about whether insurers or doctors know patients better.

Health insurance stocks hit all-time highs

Stocks in health insurance companies hit all-time highs this week amid news that the firms added millions of customers thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Self-insurance popularity sends full-risk enrollment falling

As the self-insurance market continues to rise, commercial full-risk insurance declines. Commercial full-risk enrollment fell from 80.5 million in 2011 to 78.5 million in 2012--a 2.5 percent drop, according to findings from Citi Research.