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Latest Headlines

Study examines pros and cons of online health info

Online health information is driving change in the ways patients interact with their doctors, producing both positive and negative results, according to an article at the  Journal of Medical Internet Research. 

More secure-messaging systems needed to meet patient demand

Patient demand for easy electronic access to their healthcare providers continues to rise, but practices have more work to do in adopting communications technologies and engaging people in using them.

How hospitals can balance social media engagement, patient privacy

.While many companies use social media to promote their brand or business, it is often a challenge for hospitals that must balance the need to market their organizations and protect patient privacy in online postings, according to a report in the  Yakima Herald.

Online ratings game: To boost PR, many hospitals post their own patient satisfaction info

As online ratings play an increasing role in consumer healthcare decisions, many healthcare organizations are getting into the ratings game by posting real patient feedback on their web sites, according to  CNBC.

Hospitals develop online ratings strategy in quest for patient satisfaction

.As patients turn to online ratings on sites such as Yelp, ZocDoc and Facebook to choose a hospital or doctor, some providers work to turn the rankings to their advantage, the  Washington Post  reports.

5 ethical issues medical schools must address with future docs

Physicians grapple with ethical issues throughout their careers and a new report published in  Academic Medicine  calls for medical schools to make these topics a part of their medical training. 

Ebola outbreak demonstrates value of Twitter for healthcare

The healthcare industry can learn from the social media response to West Africa's 2014 Ebola outbreak, according to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control.

3 ways providers can drive patient engagement

The healthcare industry's shift from volume to value has made it more important than ever for hospitals and healthcare organizations to actively engage patients in their care, according to  Health Affairs.

Hospitals' Facebook ratings may reflect quality of care

Score one more for the power of social media: Patients' Facebook ratings of hospitals appear to correlate with a widely used metric of care quality, a new study found.

Hospital for Special Surgery takes patient engagement, marketing to a whole new level

In an exclusive interview with  FierceHealthcare,  John Englehart, vice president and chief marketing officer for Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, talks about the organization's patient engagement initiative that snowballed into what he believes is the largest public online forum of orthopedic and rheumatological patient stories that currently exists.