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Latest Headlines

Indiana's Medicaid program paves way for other states

Indiana's experimental Medicaid program, Healthy Indiana Plan, may pique the interests of Republican governors nationwide who remain on the fence about expanding the program.

Five percent of Medicaid enrollees run up nearly half of program's costs

The Medicaid program costs the U.S. taxpayers some $460 billion a year. And it appears just 5 percent of the program's enrollees account for nearly half of its costs, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Congress mulls bill to improve complex care for pediatric Medicaid patients

Congress will mull legislation that would make it far easier for providers to coordinate the special needs care of pediatric enrollees in the Medicaid program. If p assed into law, the bill would save the Medicaid program on the federal and state level as much as $13 billion over 10 years.

A different Supreme Court ruling would have added 3M more Medicaid enrollees

If the U.S. Supreme Court hadn't made the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion a state-based decision in its ruling two years ago, an additional 3 million consumers would have been able to enroll in Medicaid plans, according to new data from Enroll America and data analytics group Civis. The data was analyzed by and reported in T he New York Times.

Report: Medicaid enrollees experience limited access to care

State standards for access to care for those enrolled in Medicaid managed care programs varies greatly, according to a new  report from the Office of the Inspector General.

Medicaid suffers from its own success

The United States has about 3 million new Medicaid enrollees, but hundreds of thousands of those consumers are still unable to obtain coverage, ProPublica reported.

States look to cut costs for treating dual-eligibles

Many states are using the cost-cutting impetus of the Affordable Care Act to combine their Medicare and Medicaid programs, thus saving money on the care provided for enrollees, StateLine reports.  

Medicaid coverage brings shame, disgrace

Recipients of TennCare often feel shame, disgrace and blame because they must depend on the state's Medicaid program, The Kansas City Star reported.

NY wants to use housing to cut Medicaid costs

New York is moving forward with a dramatic change in the way its Medicaid program funds housing for thousands of its enrollees, the  Wall Street Journal  reported.

Medicaid waiver reveals frictions between providers, hospitals

A federal waiver and additional funding Texas officials procured for its Medicaid program could be indicative of challenges the rest of the nation faces in trying to reform care for the poor, The Texas Tribune reported.