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Latest Headlines

All-payer data finds mixed results on readmissions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts' efforts to reduce unplanned hospital readmissions yielded mixed results in recent years, with a small portion of the patient population continuing to account for most readmissions, according to a new report from the state Center for Health Information and Analysis.

Massachusetts bill would cap insurer payments to hospitals

A bill pending in the Massachusetts statehouse would limit how much insurers could pay hospitals within the state to perform the same procedures.

Hospital prices rise in vast majority of U.S. cities

Eighty-two percent of cities or geographic regions in the United States have seen their hospital prices rise between 2011 and 2013, according to  NJ.com. 

AHIP: Romney defends Massachusetts healthcare reform, to a point

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney defended his landmark universal healthcare reform in a keynote at America's Health Insurance Plans AHIP Institute conference. However, he said that what worked in the Bay State should not have been applied on a national level.

Insurers look to specialty drugs, efficiency incentives to moderate ACA costs

As the Affordable Care Act continues to negatively impact insurers in Massachusetts, sometimes causing major financial hits, they're taking specific steps to regain financial stability.

Massachusetts insurers experienced shaky 2014

It was a tough 2014 for three of Massachusetts' largest insurers.

Massachusetts hospitals that charge more get more revenue

Academic medical centers and other hospitals that charge higher prices for their services received the lion's share of payments for providing care to patients in Massachusetts in 2012 and 2013, according to a new study published by the Center for Health Information and Analysis.

Massachusetts board finalizes EHR proficiency requirements

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Medicine has finalized regulations that outline how physicians must demonstrate that they're adept at using electronic health records as a condition of maintaining their medical licenses

Massachusetts becomes first state to require end-of-life talks

Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to require that physicians offer end- of-life  planning to patients, WBUR's  CommonHealth  reported. The requirement, part of a 2012 law, is similar to the 2009 proposal for Medicare patients that triggered outcry that the federal government was trying to create death p anels.

Proposed Partners hospital deal remains controversial

If Partners He althCare  is able to pull off a deal arranged with Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley to purchase three more hospitals in the state, it will do so at the risk of the enmity of practically every other hospital operator in the region, the  Boston Globe  report ed..