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Looking past King v. Burwell: Business implications for health insurance plans

For insurance plans, the  King v. Burwell  decision affirms tax credits will be available for the 6.4 million who might have lost coverage. It also has the immediate effect of temporarily stabilizing premiums and likely participation in the 19,000,000 enrollee individual insurance market. But beyond this, a number of issues and challenges relevant to insurers remain as part of the unfolding of the Affordable Care Act's implementation.

Post-King v. Burwell focus shifts to Medicaid expansion, enrollment push

A "cooling-off period" for the Affordable Care Act--as Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation refers to it in his blog post for the  Wall Street Journal--could cause focus to shift to other matters throughout the healthcare industry.

The ACA's impact on insurer consolidation

With the uncertainty of  King v. Burwell  in the health insurance industry's rear-view mirror, the time might be right to strike acquisition deals. Economists, however, aren't sure whether payers will gain efficiencies.

4 keys to Covered California's exchange success

Since the first ACA open enrollment period, Covered California has enrolled 1.3 million residents, and 77 percent of individual enrollees pay less than $150 on monthly premiums. Yesterday, the state exchange's executive Director, Peter Lee, outlined four keys to its success. 

Health insurance execs and others react to King v. Burwell ruling

Major insurance companies and execs reacted to last week's  Supreme Court ruling in  King v. Burwell  with a decidedly sunny vibe.

Obama switches gears, focuses on changing the Affordable Care Act conversation

Riding high from last week's Supreme Court win, President Barack Obama continued his victory tour today in Nashville, Tennessee, aiming to shift the focus from Affordable Care Act criticisms to improving the healthcare reform law. Obama hopes to harness the momentum of the court victory to extend coverage to even more Americans.

3 payer issues to focus on in wake of King v. Burwell ruling

Last week the Supreme Court saved the Affordable Care Act for the second time since its implementation-- this time by upholding federal subsidies. Moving forward, it's time to shift gears and change the healthcare conversation, according to the Associated Press. 

Focus turns to Medicaid expansion in wake of King v. Burwell ruling

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled to uphold federal Affordable Care Act subsidies in the  King v. Burwell  case, focus turns to the states--and Medicaid expansion.

Merger madness continues: Aetna close to acquiring Humana

Buoyed by the Supreme Court's decision to uphold federal health insurance subsidies, the country's largest insurers have once again set their sights on consolidation.  

Did King v. Burwell ruling just kill state-based exchanges?

Now that the Supreme Court ruled that federal subsidies are here to stay, many states operating their own health insurance exchanges are considering switching to the federal marketplace, reported  The New York Times.